2023 National Coffee Day: The best offers

National Coffee Day is one of the best days of the year for coffee lovers. Many coffee chains and independent shops offer deals, discounts, and fun surprises on this holiday.

For 2023, National Coffee Day in the United States falls on Friday, September 29. I picked out several of the best offers around to highlight. I focused on options that are available in the Pacific Northwest (since that’s where I live!), but many of these cafés have shops across the country.

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Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee is offering the “Disloyalty Program” where you can use points from their competitors to redeem a free drink from Peet’s on September 29.

It almost sounds too good to be true.

The only catch I can find is that they do limit who they accept points from. If you have more than zero (0) points from Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Dunkin’, Better Buzz Coffee, Bluestone Lane, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Dutch Bros, The Human Bean, or Joe and the Juice. Personally, I have points at several of those shops!

It also excludes Peet’s locations within airports, supermarkets, and other licensed locations. So, that is a bit disappointing if you are waiting for a flight and want to take advantage of this offer.

The offer is only good on Friday, and with it you can receive one free single-serve handcrafted beverage, any size. It does exclude any refrigerated or bottled beverages.

To redeem the points, you need to take a screenshot of the points in the competitor’s app and upload it through the link at peetsdisloyalty.com. You will also need to have the Peet’s app to redeem the free drink.

I logged in and submitted a screengrab of the 66 points I have at Starbucks, and within a few seconds, I was told I could log in to the app to get my free drink. Easy peasy!

If you have additional questions, check out their FAQ page.

Screenshot of Peet's website saying "Claim your free coffee" and "Open the app."


For 2023 we will need to wait and find out what Starbucks is offering. Last year, Starbucks did NOTHING for National Coffee Day. That’s sad. Starbucks seems to forget that goodwill goes a long way with customers.

In 2021, Starbucks said if customers “bring a clean, reusable cup into the cafe at participating stores, they will get a free hot Pike Place Roast brewed coffee.”

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Dutch Bros

Graphic that says Friday, Sept 29, Purchase a hat, get a drink free! $20. With image of black hat that says "Drink More Coffee."

For 2023, Dutch Bros is taking a different approach. They are offering merch, a “Drink More Coffee” hat, for one day only. If you purchase a hat, you can then get a free drink. The hat will cost $20.

“We’re stoked to celebrate National Coffee Day with all our coffee loving customers,” said Charles Swindler, senior vice president of field engagement at Dutch Bros. “We can’t wait to see everyone rockin’ their new hats while enjoying their favorite drink on September 29!” 

This is a fun offer, but of course, will get you to spend more money. Just makes sure if you purchase a hat, to then order a drink that would cost a pretty penny otherwise. If you need ideas, check out these low-carb options.

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Black Rock Coffee

If you are lucky enough to have a Black Rock Coffee location near you, you can get any medium-sized coffee drink for only $3.00. And yes, this will include espresso-based drinks and cold brew.

This offer will save you a few dollars, which makes it the perfect time to try one of their fall featured drinks.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

For 2023, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is kicking off their 60th anniversary offer on National Coffee Day. With every purchase through their app, customers will be entered to win a year of free coffee and tea beverages.

It’s a fun offer, but of course, most people won’t win. But, it’s still a good reason to go and try out their featured fall drinks.

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