2022 National Coffee Day: What’s happening

National Coffee Day is one of the best days of the year for coffee lovers. Many coffee chains and independent shops offer deals, discounts, and fun surprises on this holiday.

For 2022, National Coffee Day in the United States falls on Thursday, September 29.

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For 2022 it looks like Starbucks is doing NOTHING for National Coffee Day. That’s sad, it’s not hard or bad for the bottom line to offer a free coffee along with a purchase or similar.

Last year, in 2021, Starbucks said if customers “bring a clean, reusable cup into the cafe at participating stores, they will get a free hot Pike Place Roast brewed coffee.”

Offer rating: -200/10
Yes, they get a negative rating. Doing nothing is not good.

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Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros worker with hand extended giving viewer a Dutch Bros cup

For 2022, Dutch Bros is giving its customers the opportunity to win free Dutch Bros for a year when they scan their app on Thursday, September 29.

To make things more fun, they already started, on September 19, giving away the chance to win free Dutch Bros for a month. Scan the Dutch Pass in your app any day up to September 29 and you could be a winner.

Perusing the rules, it looks like they are giving away 73 monthly prizes and 290 yearly prizes. So, not great odds, but someone is going to win, so it could be you!

Offer rating – 6/10
While the prizes, free Dutch Bros for a month or a year are awesome, the fact that you likely will not win makes this offer not as enticing as others.

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The plan for 2022, is the same as last year, Dunkin is offering a free medium hot or iced coffee with any purchase if you are a DD Perks member.

Offer rating: 2/10
Well, it’s better than Starbucks but just barely. You have to be a DD Perks member and you still have to purchase another item to get your free medium coffee. So, not great.

Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s is bringing it with celebrating National Coffee Day for 2022. They offer so much, they had to make a bullet point list. They are offering:

  • Complimentary small drip coffee with ANY purchase in participating Coffeebars on National Coffee Day, Thursday, September 29 only.
  • 20% off beans, K-Cup pods and espresso capsules in Coffeebars from Thursday, September 29 through Sunday, October 2.
  • 20% off sitewide at peets.com from Thursday, September 29 through Sunday, October 2
  • $0 Delivery fee for orders placed through the Peet’s app from Thursday, September 29 through Sunday, October 2.

I love this for Peet’s. They make most of their money from selling their coffee beans, so that’s where they decided to focus their discounts.

Offer ratings: 9/10
A little something to make every Peet’s customer happy. I’d still love to see something more for those who visit in-store for a barista-made beverage.

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Tim Horton’s

The Canadian-based Tim Horton’s is doing a special merch drop of their Tims Run Club merch collection for National Coffee Day 2022. Registered Tims Rewards members will receive early access.

While I fully support this being part of “the only run club where no running is involved,” this doesn’t feel like a great offering for this specific holiday.

They also say, “Tim Hortons guests can also celebrate National Coffee Day all week on the Tim Hortons app with the National Coffee Day challenge. Order three different coffee-based beverages during the week and earn an extra 50 Tims Rewards points!” At least that’s something.

Offer Rating: 2/10
For those who like merch, I suppose it’s a cool offer. But what about all those people coming to your stores on National Coffee Day? Nothing for them, I guess. Sad face.

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