Dutch Bros spring 2023 featured drinks

It’s the start of April, and Dutch Bros has released a new and intriguing drink for this spring season. It’s called the Mangonada Rebel and is inspired by the Mexican treat of the same name.

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Dutch Bros is known for coming up with creative featured drinks, and the Mangonada flavor profile goes right along with that tradition. Dutch Bros is also currently featuring a hot German Chocolate Mocha and a Snickerdoodle Frost.

And remember, Dutch Bros drops new stickers on the first Wednesday of each month. For spring of 2023, that’s April 5, May 3, and June 7.

Mangonada Rebel

The Mangonada Rebel is made using Dutch Bros’ energy drink called the Rebel, a mangonada syrup, real strawberries, and Tajín.

Mangonada is a popular drink in Mexico, and is also called chamango. It’s usually made with mango sorbet or purée. It’s layered (or topped) with chamoy (a fruit and chile condiment) and Tajín.

If you aren’t familiar with Tajín, their website says, “TAJÍN is unique seasoning made with a simple blend of mild chili peppers, lime, and sea salt. TAJÍN adds a ZING to all your favorite foods, fruits, and veggies, that makes what’s good taste even better.”

The Mangonada flavor profile can be added to a variety of Dutch Bros drinks. It’s also being promoted to use in a lemonade, but you can also try it with the mango smoothie or in a frost. I wouldn’t suggest it with a coffee-based drink.

“When we first tested out the Mangonada Rebel last year in a few select markets, the hype and love for this drink was absolutely off the charts,” said Kristin Sha, senior director of regional marketing at Dutch Bros. “We have so much love for the Mangonada flavor profile and are so incredibly stoked to bring this drink to all the communities we serve!”

“Dutch Bros’ Mangonada Rebel is the perfect drink to showcase Tajín’s unique flavor composition and iconic tangy taste, combined with the sweet and refreshing Mango profile,” said Juan Carlos Limon, Brand Marketing Manager at Tajín USA. “As Dutch Bros and Tajín lovers are now able to experience this one of a kind pairing, we encourage all fans to share the love via social channels using hashtag #TajinIt.”

This drink will be available through the end of June.

Mangonada Review

I tried out the Mangonada Rebel, with the sugar-free Rebel option. Overall, I liked it just fine, but nothing about it wowed me.

Since the Tajín and strawberries are toppings, I gave the drink a bit of a shake and stir to get it mixed in. I found the energy drink taste was very apparent and I wasn’t getting as much of the mangonada flavor as I would have liked.

I did enjoy the Tajín inclusion more than I thought. It was a great way to give a little bit of pep and heat to the drink, and especially when the temperatures are hot, it would be awesome.

I think that the mangonada flavor profile would be better with the mango smoothie. That, after all, makes it much closer to a real mangonada than in a Rebel. But, the smoothies don’t have caffeine and that’s a key factor for many when they visit Dutch Bros.

I know many have tried it as a blended Rebel and have enjoyed it that way also. This might be a good compromise if you want caffeine. You could also order it with extra flavor, or even ask for them to do it “Parfait style” but instead of layering whipped cream, they layer the Tajín and strawberries.

April featured drinks

Along with a seasonal drink, Dutch Bros promotes monthly flavor profiles.

Snickerdoodle Frost

Dutch Bros is also promoting a Snickerdoodle Frost for April. It seems a bit out of season for this, but really, it’s tasty any time of year.

This drink is made as a frost, which is similar to a milkshake, and cinnamon, chocolate macadamia nut and white chocolate syrups along with cinnamon sprinkles.

German Chocolate Mocha

This has recently been my go-to flavor profile. It includes caramel, coconut and dark chocolate syrups. It’s being promoted as a mocha, which means it would also be made with chocolate milk, but you can also order it as a late, breve or even in cold brew.

May and June featured drinks

Along with a seasonal drink, Dutch Bros promotes monthly flavor profiles.

These are the Banana Cream Pie Freeze and the Cocomo.

Iced Chocolate Crunch Cold Brew – One day only!

On April 20, for National Cold Brew Day, Dutch Bros will be offering an Iced Chocolate Crunch Cold Brew. Rumor has it that it includes two scoops of soft top and is sprinkled with chocolate sandwich cookie crumbs. Sounds like a tasty way to celebrate!

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