Bethany Smith

Hi! I’m Bethany Smith.

Coffee is…

As with most food, coffee is not just coffee. Our coffee and tea rituals are ways to connect with friends and family, bring a bright spot to an overwhelming day, and a way to comfort our souls.

With this blog, I want to help you find how to best connect with coffee in a way meaningful to you. Whether that’s at home, at a coffee shop, or somewhere else.

I worked as a barista for five years, and my absolute favorite part was helping the person who came in having never been in a coffee shop before. Helping calm their nerves and find the perfect drink for them was always meaningful.

I live in the Portland, Ore. area with my husband and two young boys. As well as working on this blog, I also work with other food bloggers helping them create an awesome user experience for their readers.

I’d love to hear from you! The best way to connect with me is to message me on Instagram.