Low-Carb Guide to Dutch Bros (Plus their 11 best low-carb drinks!)

Dutch Bros offers amazing, flavorful coffee drinks, but most are full of sugar. If you are a diabetic, following a keto diet, or just want to watch your carb intake, this guide will give you all the tips you need.

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The big question is, “Does Dutch Bros have low-carb drinks?” The answer is yes, and thankfully they offer more sugar-free syrups to flavor your drinks than many other coffee shops.

It’s good to realize where the sugar and carbs are coming from in the drinks. It’s almost always from one of two places, or both: milk and flavored syrups.

If you want to go in-depth on more general details about getting low-carb drinks at coffee shops, check out my full guide.

And keep in mind, the easiest way to cut down on carbs at Dutch Bros is to ask for less syrup or sauce. Just ask for your drink to be made half sweet or a quarter sweet.

Low carb by default

The two coffee drinks that come with a negligible amount of carbs by default are an Americano and cold brew (plain or nitro).

Dutch does have several tea options that are carb-free. They are Earl grey, cinnamon spice, citrus ginko green tea, decaf Ceylon tea, and Paris black tea. When ordering, make sure to be clear that you don’t want any syrup or sugar added. (Or ask for a sugar-free syrup as outlined below.)

Dutch Bros’ exclusive energy drink, the Rebel, also comes in a sugar-free version. If you order it plain or with one of the sugar-free syrups, this drink has a negligible amount of total carbs.

If you order a Dutch Soda, which is just carbonated water, with any of the sugar-free syrups it will be a delicious sugar and carb-free treat.

Sugar-free syrups and sauces

Dutch Bros is a great option if you are wanting to keep the flavor in your drink by using a sugar-free syrup. They use Torani brand syrups.

The flavors available in sugar-free are:
white chocolate, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, chocolate macadamia nut, hazelnut, Irish cream, coconut, raspberry, peach and strawberry.

But, remember that sugar-free does not equal carb-free!

The sauces–white chocolate, chocolate, and caramel, have between 10-20 overall carbs per two tablespoons. Of course, that still cuts the overall carbs to about half of what they would be if using the regular option.

The sugar-free syrups are truly carb-free.

Know your liquids

Drinks at Dutch Bros are going to be either water-based or milk-based. That liquid fills your cup and so that’s where you can often account for a large amount of the carbs and sugar in a drink.

The default at Dutch Bros for most milk-based drinks is half and half. Many people following a Keto diet love this because half and half has a higher fat content than other milk options. So, depending on what you are monitoring, this can work well for you.

I break down into more detail the carbs of different milk options in my full low-carb guide. If you aren’t sure which drinks are milk-based vs. water-based, check out my full Dutch Bros menu guide.


Many drinks, especially seasonally featured ones, come with special toppings like sprinkles. Other topping options are whipped cream, soft top, and a variety of sprinkles. All of these can add more carbs, but depending the amount and what it is, it may not add many carbs. Just ask to have these not included to make it lower carb.

The 11 Best Dutch Bros Low-Carb Drinks

Now that I’ve broken down all the details of what to look for and how to order low-carb at Dutch Bros, let’s take a look at some of the fave low-carb drinks. And keep in mind, you can actually order any of their classic drinks with sugar-free syrups and sauces.

(If you aren’t sure about some of the terms below, check out my Overview of the Dutch Bros Menu.)

1. Sugar-free syrup Golden Eagle
It comes with sugar-free vanilla syrup and sugar-free caramel sauce. Ask for no whipped cream or caramel drizzle. Made with half & half as the dairy base. Can be ordered hot, iced, or blended.

2. Sugar-free syrup Kicker (or 9-1-1)
It comes with sugar-free Irish cream syrup. Made with half & half as the dairy base. Can be ordered hot, iced, or blended.

3. Nitro Cold Brew with Soft Top
It comes with the nitro cold brew which has minimal carbs, which means you can add the soft top on top and still come in low carb. (Or ask for half as much soft top.) Can be ordered iced or toasted.

4. Sugar-free Double Rainbro Rebel
It comes with the sugar-free Rebel drink, and a blend of sugar-free strawberry, peach, and coconut syrups. Can be ordered iced or blended.

5. Sugar-free Mocha Cold Brew
It comes with sugar-free chocolate sauce and cold brew. You are saving so many carbs and calories you could still add soft top if you wanted to splurge!

6. Plain Latte
It comes with your choice of milk (half & half, dairy, almond, oat) and espresso. While this drink is the standard at most coffee shops, it’s not even promoted at Dutch Bros, but you can still order it, hot or iced.

7. Sugar-free Peach Flamingo Soda
It comes with sugar-free peach and strawberry syrups and sugar-free white chocolate sauce. Made with carbonated water. It’s also caffeine-free!

8. Sugar-free syrup Annihilator
It comes with sugar-free chocolate macadamia nut syrup. Made with half & half as the dairy base. Can be ordered hot, iced or blended.

9. Black Tea Lemonade
Order a black (or green) tea lemonade, also known as an Arnold Palmer. If you aren’t watching your carbs too much, you can even add flavored syrup.

10. Sugar-free Laser Cat Rebel
It comes with the sugar-free Rebel drink and sugar-free raspberry and coconut syrups. Can be ordered iced or blended.

11. Sugar-free Peach Black or Green Tea
It comes with your choice of black or green tea and sugar-free peach syrup. Can be ordered hot or iced.

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