Dutch Bros winter 2023 featured drinks

We are starting a new year, 2023, and Dutch Bros kicked it off on January 1 with their new featured drinks. The Lavender White Chocolate Cold Brew has officially returned!

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On the Dutch Bros website, they are featuring four flavor profiles for winter 2023. Interestingly, they are all featured as cold beverages, but you can also have them hot.

White Chocolate Lavender

Dutch Bros has confirmed on social media that the White Chocolate Lavender Cold Brew is returning for a winter drink for 2023. They are saying it is “a fan fave is making its way back to the menu.” It’s served with soft top and can be ordered iced, blended or even toasted.

You can also order the “white chocolate lavender” flavor profile in all of their drinks. I’d suggest trying it with a breve or freeze.

That means the returning syrup is lavender. (Get the syrup for home!) So, you can also order just lavender flavor in any other drink like a breve, soda, or frost.

Flap Jack Mocha

According to an end-of-the-year email, the “Flap Jack” flavor profile of salted caramel, white chocolate, and vanilla has been trending, so it makes sense they are featuring it. Combining those flavors in a “mocha” means that your broista will be making the drink with chocolate milk. For those of you who love flavor, this sounds like a great option.

You can also order it so it’s mostly made with sugar-free syrup. The salted caramel syrup is not available in sugar-free but the others are. Your drink then would also be made with sugar-free chocolate syrup instead of chocolate milk. I have a whole guide on low-carb drinks at Dutch Bros if you want more details.

Iced Salted Caramel Chai

This drink makes use of adding salted caramel syrup (get the syrup for home!) into a chai. It can be ordered hot or iced.

Blended Peach Ring Rebel

The Blended Peach Ring Rebel, which can also be ordered as an iced Rebel, and includes the flavor profile of white chocolate, passion fruit, and peach drizzle.

You can also order the “Peach Ring” flavor profile in a variety of drinks including a soda or frost.

Sticker Drops

Sticker drops will continue to happen on the first Wednesday of each month. For January that will be the 4th and for February the 1st. You’ll get a free sticker with a drink purchase.

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