Is lavender the beverage trend for 2024? Starbucks thinks so with its spring menu.

Will lavender be the new flavored beverage trend for 2024? Starbucks seems to think so, and launched their 2024 spring beverage and food lineup on Thursday, March 7.

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Starbucks has launched a lineup of lavender-flavored drinks for their 2024 featured spring menu. Floral-flavored beverages have become more popular as of late, and Starbucks seems to think lavender is a trend to take advantage of.

Lavender-flavored lattes and coffee have been making the rounds, including at Dutch Bros in 2023. Now it’s time for Starbucks.

If you are wondering what lavender in coffee tastes like, it has an earthy and floral taste. If you like matcha, you will likely like this. Starbucks states of its specific flavor that it has “sweet and subtly floral notes of lavender.”

The lavender flavor at Starbucks will come in the form of a powder, not a syrup. It will be similar to their vanilla bean powder. Because of this, I’ve heard that the lavender flavor comes across much more sweet with just a hint of lavender.

Starbucks says that there are two main reasons for this flavor to be a powder rather than a syrup. It creates a different (more palatable?) flavor that is more floral-focused. It also more easily delivers a lavender hue, so products such as cold foam or a creme frappuccino will be a lovely lavender color.

While I wouldn’t drink a lavender latte every day, I do crave it every spring and head over to one of my many local coffee shops that already offer this drink.

Starbucks featured spring drinks

Starbucks iced chai with lavender cold foam.
  • Iced Lavender Oatmilk Latte – Hot or Iced. Blonde espresso, oat milk, and lavender powder.
  • Iced Lavender Oatmilk Matcha – A matcha latte topped with Lavender Cream Cold Foam.
  • Lavender Creme Frappuccino – Lavender powder and vanilla are combined in a Creme Frappucino.
  • Iced Chai with Lavender Cream Cold Foam – A chai latte topped with Lavender Cream Cold Foam.
  • Lavender Cream Cold Foam. Lavender powder blended into your cold foam.

Since lavender powder will be available, you can modify any drink however you would like.

My suggested ways to use lavender:

  • Lavender Honey Latte (hot or iced)
    Add honey blend syrup to your lavender latte.
  • Lavender White Mocha (hot or iced)
    Add lavender powder to your white mocha.
  • Lavender London Fog (hot)
    Add lavender powder to your London Fog (Earl Grey tea + milk.)

Review of Starbucks’ lavender powder

The good news is that the lavender powder does deliver a tasty lavender flavor.

I tried the Iced Chai with Lavender Cream Cold Foam and loved it. The lavender works very well in cold foam, and it blends nicely with the chai. I do love chai, so it was an easy sell. I highly suggest trying this option.

I also tried a Lavender Honey Latte. This drink wasn’t as lavender-forward but still gave a nice, smooth, floral taste. I suggest this drink for someone who is first trying out lavender. Hopefully, you’ll find a new favorite.

If you want to make a lavender drink at home, you can use Torani Lavender Syrup, available on Amazon. I’m not aware of any lavender-flavored powder in the same vein as what Starbucks uses, but the syrups will give a similar vibe.

Coffee Beans

Starbucks has three ground coffee flavors available for this spring, and you can purchase them at your local grocery store, or on Amazon. The flavors are Toasted Coconut Mocha, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, and Spring Day Blend.

In Starbucks cafes and on Amazon, they are also featuring their annual Anniversary Blend. This year these beans feature notes of cedary spice and black truffle.

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