Dutch Bros’ Summer 2023 Drink Lineup and Reviews

Dutch Bros’ summer 2023 drink launch includes the returning Chocolate Crunch flavor profile. They are also featuring the popular Campout Cold Brew.

And for the first week of July, they are featuring a Firecracker Rebel that is topped with Poppin’ Candy.

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Three Dutch Bros drinks on table topped with the Chocolate Crunch flavors. One lady is sitting at table talking to people out of view.

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Dutch Bros’ Chocolate Crunch

Dutch Bros says of the Chocolate Crunch flavor profile, “The Chocolate Crunch features dark chocolate sauce, chocolate macadamia nut flavor and chocolate milk topped with Soft Top and OREO™ cookie pieces.”

It was originally released for a one-day feature in April for National Cold Brew Day.

“We first launched The Chocolate Crunch Cold Brew as a limited time drink for National Cold Brew Day and customers loved it!” said Charles Swindler, senior vice president of brand at Dutch Bros. “We’re stoked to be bringing it back! Customers will be able to enjoy it as a Cold Brew, Freeze or Frost for the rest of summer, so don’t miss out!”

The magical feature in this drink is the addition of actual Oreos to the top. Like most of their drinks, you can order this flavor profile, or the componates with other drinks also. For instance, I wouldn’t mind an iced mocha with an Oreo topping!

It will be available until the end of August.

Dutch Bros’ Campout

Dutch Bros launched the Campout flavor last year in 2021 but is now available in 2023.

In the cold brew, the broistas add a few ounces of chocolate milk and toasted marshmallow flavor then top it with soft top, and chocolate drizzle. It was a fan favorite last year.

While not being promoted as a featured beverage this time around, you can also order a Campout Mocha Freeze. The freeze is topped with soft top and chocolate drizzle.

Dutch Bros Firecracker Rebel

Dutch Bros says, “The Firecracker Rebel is full of flavor and color featuring our exclusive Rebel energy drink and red raspberry flavor, topped with Soft Top and new Poppin’ Candy!”

This is a Fourth of July featured drink that started on Friday, June 30 and will be available until supplies run out. I’d guess that at most Dutch Bros stands, they will start to run out after the first week of July.

“Everyone has been lovin’ on all the different topping options we’ve been featuring, so we wanted to surprise our awesome customers with a poppin’ new drink for the holiday weekend,” said Charles Swindler, senior vice president of brand at Dutch Bros. “Poppin’ Candy is the ultimate topping to celebrate 4th of July with!”

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