Dutch Bros’ Summer 2022 Drink Lineup and Reviews

Dutch Bros’ summer 2022 drink launch includes the delicious new High Dive Rebel (or lemonade) with tropical fruit. They are also bringing back the popular Campout Cold Brew from last year. Both flavor options will be available for the entire summer.

They also introduced in July the Cookie Dough Cold Brew and Cookie Dough Freeze.

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Dutch Bros high dive rebel with a arcade background

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Dutch Bros’ High Dive

The High Dive from Dutch Bros is new for 2022 and combines peach and pomegranate flavors with a blend of small chunks of fruit including passion fruit, guava, orange, and pineapple.

While they are mainly promoting this combo in a Rebel, you can also add it to lemonade. You can get either iced or blended.

“The High Dive Rebel is the perfect complement to sunny days and any summer adventure,” said Listel Bjorck, senior product manager at Dutch Bros. “Tropical Fruit is the best addition to really take summer drinks to the next level.”


I tried out the Iced High Dive Rebel and think it’s a fabulous, fruity summer drink. Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of tropical fruit drinks but this combo had just the right level of tang and sweetness without being too overbearing.

The small chunks of fruit in the drink are a nice surprise. I like that the chunks are very small so you aren’t overwhelmed by needing to chew them while drinking. On the other hand, they are small, and not many are added, so while it’s a fun feature, it doesn’t add a ton to the drink.

Will I order this again? It’s not going to be my everyday drink, but a great option for that first really hot summer day.

How to make it at home

If you want a quick way to make a copycat at home, get some peach syrup, some pomegranate syrup, and a fruit mix. Combine with Red Bull to mimic a Rebel or lemonade for a caffeine-free drink.

Dutch Bros’ Campout

Dutch Bros launched the Campout flavor last year in 2021 but has it back as a featured drink for summer 2022.

In the cold brew, the broistas add a few ounces of chocolate milk and toasted marshmallow flavor then top it with soft top, and chocolate drizzle. It was a fan favorite last year.

While not being promoted as a featured beverage this time around, you can also order a Campout Mocha Freeze. The freeze is topped with soft top and chocolate drizzle.


I went this year and ordered a Campout Cold Brew again to remember the deliciousness.

I do think this combination is great with cold brew. The chocolatey smoothness combined with the soft top is a hard thing to pass up. That said, I wish it had a few more elements that made it feel a bit more campout-y. I don’t really even taste the marshmallow flavor, just an added bit of sweetness.

I’m definitely a cold brew drinker, so this will be in my rotation for the summer season!

Dutch Bros Cookie Dough Drinks

Dutch Bros says, “The Cookie Dough Cold Brew is a delicious mix of Dutch Bros’ cold brew (regular or nitro) with chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookie dough flavor topped with Dutch Bros’ signature Soft Top, a fluffy, sweet topping and chocolate sprinks.”

This and its partner the Cookie Dough Freeze will be available through August of 2022.

The drink uses Torani’s chocolate chip cookie dough syrup, which you can purchase on Amazon.


I tried the cookie dough cold brew, and love it. It has a smoothness that’s hard to explain until you try it. The sprinkles on top of the soft top definitely add to the chocolate chip cookie feel of the drink. I have a very hard time choosing between this and the campout when I’m ordering at Dutch!

Dutch Bros Blended Orangesicle Rebel

To end summer Dutch Bros is featuring a Blended Orangesicle Rebel for just two weeks!

This drink “combines Dutch Bros’ exclusive energy drink, Rebel, with orange and vanilla flavors – finished with Soft Top!”

“It’s not time to say goodbye to summer just yet,” said Mary Beugelsdijk, senior product manager at Dutch Bros. “The Blended Orangesicle Rebel is the ultimate summer drink that has a nostalgic kick making you feel like a kid again. Enjoy the sweet summertime while you can with a Dutch Bros in hand!”

This will be a featured drink until the end of August, (then the fall drinks launch!) but is available all year round.

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