15 Gifts For Coffee Lovers Under $20

Below are fifteen gifts for coffee lovers under $20 that will ensure your recipient is happy. Your coffee-loving friend or family member will be thanking you for your thoughtfulness.

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1. Silicone mug covers ✨

6 silicone mug covers with cats on the top

These are the cutest silicone mug covers you can find, and Amazon has options for cats, cacti, butterflies, and more. These make a great gift for anyone who wants to transport their coffee, or just has a habit of leaving their coffee out and it gets cold.

2. Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop πŸ‘

2 tablespoon stainless steel coffee scoop

This stainless steel coffee scoop I found on Amazon is an amazing gift under $20 for any coffee lover. It’s the perfect proportion for measuring out ground coffee, and the weight and feel make it seem expensive. I got this same exact one for my husband and we both love the feel and the luxury of using it to scoop our ground coffee!

3. Manual Coffee Grinder 🎁

Manual coffee grinder in silver

A manual coffee grinder, which is available through Amazon, is a great gift for anyone who wants to grind coffee on the go. It comes with six different settings, and since it’s manual it’s great for someone who wants to make coffee when camping, at the office, or even at home.

4. Folly Coffee Sampler, 3 pack β˜•

3 pack of Folly coffee samples.

This Folly coffee sampler pack is a great way to try a few different coffees before committing. It makes an awesome gift if you aren’t sure exactly how someone likes their coffee. It’s available on Amazon for easy ordering.

5. Coffee-themed Coasters πŸ‘

Four brown coasters with fun coffee related sayings printed on them.

We all know that one person who would LOVE these coasters with fun coffee-themed sayings. How can you go wrong with enticing sayings like, “Coffee. The ultimate remedy.” You can find them on Amazon.

6. Facial Coffee Scrub πŸ˜‰

"The Coffee Scrub" coffee scrub in vanilla

For those who love beauty products and coffee, this coffee scrub from TheCoffeeScrub is a perfect gift! A good coffee scrub is more popular than ever, and on Amazon, you can find these in vanilla, coconut, and rose scents.

7. Stainless Steel Coffee Beverage Stirrers πŸ₯„

Stainless steel coffee beverage stirrers

Versatile and fun to use, these stainless steel coffee stirrers will be a welcome addition for any coffee lover who adds a bit of cream or sugar. You can find this under $20 gift on Amazon.

8. Reusable Iced Coffee Sleeves 🧊

Reusable iced coffee sleeves in leopard print on three drinks.

Iced drinks are all the rage right now, and these reusable iced coffee sleeves will make the perfect gift for an iced coffee lover. These come in a three-pack of different sizes. You can find a variety of prints including leopard, tie-dye, flowers, and more on Amazon.

9. Torani syrup sampler β™₯

Pack of 3 sample size Torani syrup flavors vanilla, classic hazelnut and classic caramel.

Torani makes delicious flavored syrups, and this 3-pack of Torani syrup samplers is an amazing gift for anyone who makes their lattes at home. You can even order it on Amazon!

10. French press ⭐

Teal french press

A French press is a great gift for any coffee connoisseur. This teal 17-ounce option comes in at under $20 and is sure to brighten anyone’s kitchen! You can find this gift on Amazon.

11. Stumptown Coffee Beans – Hair Bender πŸ˜ƒ

Package of Stumptown Hair Bender coffee beans

Stumptown’s Hair Bender coffee beans are the brand’s most popular. Stumptown is a Portland, Ore favorite and a bag of these beans from Amazon is sure to impress any coffee lover in your life.

12. Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans 🍫

Package of 3 flavor chocolate covered espresso beans.

A fun treat, these chocolate-covered espresso beans, will be enjoyed by anyone who loves chocolate and espresso. You can find this three flavor combo from Happy Bites on Amazon.

13. Sugar and Cream Set πŸ₯›

Ceramic royal sugar and cream 3 piece set in blue violet.

You’re either a sugar and cream type of person, or you’re not. But for those that are, this sugar and cream set from Sweejar is super cute and you can find it in a variety of colors on Amazon.

14. Copper Cow Pour Over Set β˜•

Copper Cow Pour Over Set Box

Vietnamese coffee is becoming more popular, and this single-serve pour over set from Copper Cow Coffee makes a great gift. You can purchase it on Amazon for under $20.

15. Cold Brew Coffee Maker πŸ™Œ

Light blue cold brew coffee maker.

Cold brew is the quickly becoming most popular way to brew coffee, and having an easy way to make it at home is ideal. This cold brew coffee maker found on Amazon will make an awesome addition to any coffee-lovers kitchen.

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