Starbucks Holidays 2021: Is your fave returning?

From: A Cup Every Day

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Every holiday season Starbucks launches drinks, food and products that we all love... Here's what we know about what's coming for 2021.

When is the launch???

Thursday, November 4th Starbucks launches the in-store drinks. Other products can be found in grocery stores and on Amazon.

What's the new drink?

The Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte is the new holiday drink! It's also available hot and is dairy-free.

What's returning?

Most of the faves are returning including the peppermint mocha and the Irish cream cold brew. 

Looking for gingerbread?

The gingerbread latte is not returning to stores, but Starbucks has confirmed a Keurig option will be available.

Get your peppermint mocha fix!

The peppermint mocha is returning to cafés, and this pre-made at-home option will be in grocery stores soon!

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