Yes or no: Mayonnaise in coffee?

From: A Cup Every Day

A debate is raging on Twitter after Hellmann's tweeted that mayonnaise should be added to coffee. Many people took offense, but let's break it down and see if it works or not.

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What's in mayo anyway?

A basic mayonnaise recipe includes eggs, oil and vinegar or lemon juice. You can even make it yourself!

eggs in coffee?

There's actually a history of using eggs in coffee. Both Scandinavian egg coffee and Vietnamese egg coffee utilize eggs as an ingredient. 

Oil in coffee?

From Bulletproof coffee to adding coconut oil, adding oil to coffee has been happening for a long time.

Vinegar or lemon in coffee?

White vinegar often used in mayo isn't the best combo with coffee, but lemon juice is a better option.

so, how does it taste?

Personally, I wasn't a fan of mayo in hot coffee, but when paired with cold brew it was better. Though, it's not something I'll do every day.

have more questions?

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