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Wild and fun trivia about your fave football players and coffee.

Every autumn, there are two things that keep many people going: football & fall coffee drinks. Here's a guide to what you need to know.

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mayo in coffee

It came to light earlier this year that Kentucky's QB, Will Levis, puts mayonaise in his coffee.


2 black eyes

Every day the Detroit Lion's head coach, Dan Campbell, drinks TWO large coffees with a double shot of espresso in them. The drink is also known as a black eye.


coffee free

Tom Brady has said that not only has he never had coffee, he's never had caffeine. He does admit to eating ice cream!


Terrain Map

Former Pro Bowler Chris Johnson has his own coffee blend, CJ2K Coffee Blend. It can be purchased through Just Love Coffee Roasters.

coffee blend


beast mode

In 2015 Seattle's Marshawn Lynch teamed up with Starbucks to create a special Frappuccino called "Beast Mode." It featured protein powder, mocha and mint. 


coffee cans

In 2000 Maxwell House released the "Quarterback Collector Series" and featured four QBs, including Dan Marino and Joe Montana on their coffee cans. You can currently find them on Ebay.


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