A breve drink is Dutch Bros' version of a latte. It's made with half & half and espresso.

Dutch Bros offers cold brew in regular and nitro.

Dutch Freeze

The Dutch Freeze is a cold blended coffee drink. It's similar to a frappe or Frappuccino.

Rebel energy drink

A Dutch Bros Rebel is a caffeinated energy drink similar to Red Bull. You can add a variety of flavors.

Dutch sodas are flavored non-caffeinated carbonated water.


Dutch Bros offers smoothies in strawberry, green apple, mango and peach.

Dutch Frost

A Dutch Frost is Dutch Bros' version of a milkshake.

Dutch Bros offers lemonades on their own or in combo with other drinks.


Dutch Bros offers a variety of hot, iced and blended teas as well as chai.


Dutch Bros offers kids sizes for smoothies, frosts and not-so-hots.