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7 Coffees Roasted in Portland You Need to Try!

Explore the Portland coffee scene even if you don't live here! These 7 coffees are from some of Portland's premier roasters...


Bonfire Blend by Dapper and Wise

This dark roast has smoky and cherry notes, making it a perfect reminder of s'mores and campfires.


S.O. Blend by Coava Coffee

This medium blend will remind you of autumn with it's fruity, chocolatey and spicy flavors.


Boxcar Blend by Water Avenue Coffee

This dark roast is an earthy and cinnamon-y coffee that would be perfect for a winter morning.


Oro Seasonal Blend by Roseline Coffee

This is a great blend to use for espresso, with caramel and dark chocolate notes rounding out the taste.


Stag Espresso Blend by Dapper and Wise

This medium roast is great for any method of brewing from espresso to a French press.


Ethiopia Meaza by Coava Coffee

This Ethiopian coffee is a great option for those who like a lighter and crisp taste to their daily cup of joe.


Decaf El Toro by Water Avenue Coffee

This decaf option from Central and South America has flavors of chocolate, toffee and vanilla.

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