Peet’s Coffee Holiday 2022 Products and Drink Lineup!

It’s early November which means, it’s time for the launch of holiday drinks and products at Peet’s Coffee. For their holiday 2022 launch, old favorites are back, along with new offerings like the Holiday Spice Cold Brew Oat Latte with Brown Sugar Jelly.

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Drinks launched for Peet’s coffeebars on Wednesday, November 2. They will run through November and December and end on January 3,2023.

Here’s what’s being offered:

  • NEW! Holiday Spice Cold Brew Oat Latte with Brown Sugar Jelly (iced)
  • Holiday Spice Latte (iced or hot)
  • Peppermint Mocha (iced or hot)
  • Dark Roast Holiday Blend

Holiday Spice Offerings

Again for 2022, Peet’s is promoting “holiday spice” for several drink variations. Based on info from the app and on their website “holiday spice” is not a flavored syrup, but a “baking spice” blend of spices including cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and nutmeg.

While Peet’s is calling the cold brew option “new,” the part that is new is that it officially includes the brown sugar jelly. Otherwise, it is the same drink as last year. They described it as, “This plant-based twist on a holiday favorite starts with Peet’s aromatic Holiday Spice notes, creamy oat milk and Peet’s Baridi Cold Brew, all layered over a scoop of Brown Sugar Jelly and ice.”

Of the hot or iced latte options, Peet’s says: “A returning favorite, Peet’s Holiday Spice mingles flavors of cinnamon, ginger, allspice, cloves, and nutmeg with hand-pulled Espresso Forte and freshly steamed milk, topped with a dusting of freshly ground baking spice.”

This drink includes vanilla syrup, espresso, your choice of milk, and a “baking spice” topping.

The holiday spice drinks are popular, and a great way to drink some delicious holiday-ness. This year Dutch Bros is also featuring a similar drink, called the Sugar N Spice.

Peppermint Mocha Offerings

Peet’s Peppermint Mocha offerings are back which include, “hand-pulled espresso infused with rich, house-made chocolate sauce, sweet peppermint, and topped with whipped cream.” You can order a peppermint mocha hot or iced for a delicious holiday-filled drink.

The peppermint mocha drinks include both chocolate sauce and peppermint syrup, espresso shots, your choice of milk, and whipped cream.

Dark Roast Holiday Blend

Peet's 2021 Holiday Blend

Of the 2022 Holiday Blend, Peet’s says it’s, “This celebrated blend brims with holiday cheer and offers notes of Guatemalan chocolate, smooth Kenyan blackcurrant, and Ethiopian candied peel with a full Sumatra finish.”

You can purchase Peet’s Holiday Blend on Amazon. There is also a K-pod and decaf option available through the Peet’s website.

Amazon Exclusive: Chalet Blend K-cups

Box of Peet's Chalet Blend K-cups

This K-cup option is available exclusively from Amazon and is perfect for a winter cup of coffee. Peet’s Chalet Blend is a dark roast from Latin American beans. This coffee has notes of toasted almond and warm cocoa so it pairs well with any winter or holiday treat.

Free Coffee or Tea on Christmas Eve

On December 24, 2022, don’t forget to stop by your nearest Peet’s Coffee coffeebar to get a free cup of coffee! Who doesn’t love something free?

According to Peet’s:

Peet’s Coffee continues the tradition, started by founder Alfred Peet, of thanking customers for their valued patronage with the gift of a free small, brewed coffee or tea on December 24 for in-store orders only at participating Peet’s coffeebars. No purchase required. Limit 1 per person.

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