Black Rock Coffee holiday 2022 featured drinks

Starting Tuesday, November 1, Black Rock Coffee Bar will feature delicious holiday drinks for 2022, including the Caramel Nog Latte and Christmas Cookie Cold Brew. They also are releasing a new cup design for the holiday season.

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Black Rock Coffee 2022 winter drink lineup.

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As soon as October is over, you can go to Black Rock Coffee to get your first taste of the holidays. The holiday drinks start Tuesday, November 1.

Black Rock says of this season’s lineup, “Whether it’s hot, iced, or blended, Black Rock Coffee Bar’s Winter Wonder drinks feature some returning fan favorites such as creamy eggnog and peppermint bark – but with an infusion of other flavors for extra pizazz.”

The cup designs feature two hot cup designs and a cold cup design. One hot cup is green and one is red. The red design features emoji-like graphics of a deconstructed Santa. The floating graphic is Santa sans hat, Santa’s hat, mittens, glasses, presents, and candy canes. On the green design, you see a skateboard, a holly, and a wreath. Cold cups are similar.

The designs are cute and fun but they definitely put an emphasis on Christmas rather than the other “holiday season” holidays.

Peppermint Bark White Mocha

Black Rock says of this holiday treat:

This refreshing and spirit-lifting drink is an absolute fan favorite during the winter season. Black Rock Coffee Bar baristas mix a delicious rich peppermint bark sauce with white chocolate, and espresso. For a finishing holiday touch, it is topped with whip cream and colorful holiday sprinkles.

Want to make it at home? Get the syrups: peppermint bark sauce, white chocolate.

Caramel Nog Latte

Black Rock says of this drink:

For eggnog lovers who value seasonal traditions, Black Rock Coffee Bar has the drink to satisfy the palate – the Caramel Nog Latte. This holiday drink consists of a combination of eggnog with the addition of caramel and espresso for an extra kick of flavor.

Keep in mind that most coffee shops are *not* offering eggnog this year (including Starbucks), so Black Rock is one of your few options to get this annual festive treat.

Want to make it at home? Get the ingredients: Eggnog from your local grocery store and caramel sauce.

Christmas Cookie Cold Brew

Black Rock says of this cold brew:

Cookies are another popular staple during the winter holidays. Black Rock Coffee Bar baristas can create a yummy cold brew that tastes like a cookie by adding chocolate macadamia nut and topping it with a sweet vanilla cold foam and holiday sprinkles.

Want to make it at home? Get the ingredients: chocolate macadamia nut syrup, and cold foam coffee topper.

Orange Marmalade FUEL

Of this non-coffee drink, Black Rock says:

For customers who want to stay fueled during the holidays, Black Rock Coffee Bar has created a refreshing drink from its FUEL energy drink brand – the Orange Marmalade FUEL. Combining a special blend of almond, vanilla and orange, this tasty holiday energy drink is sure to help check lists twice.

Want to make it at home? Get the syrups: almond, vanilla, and orange.

The Giving Tree

The annual “The Giving Tree” event at Black Rock Coffee Bar is back again for 2022. It starts on Friday, November 25, and ends Sunday, December 11.

To participate, connect with the baristas at your store to get an ornament that lists a gift for you to purchase. When you bring back the gift, unwrapped, along with the ornament, you will receive a free medium drink.

“Through the Black Rock Coffee Bar Giving Tree™ promotion, Black Rock Coffee Bar supports local participating charities by partnering with its customers to donate purchased gift items in connection with holiday gift giving campaigns that aim to provide underprivileged children with Christmas gifts. Customers who participate in The Black Rock Coffee Bar Giving Tree™ promotion will receive one (1) free medium drink per gift item purchased.” See their post for full details and rules.

This is an amazing partnership and offering. I’d be happy to bring a gift without getting a free coffee, but that definitely sweetens the deal!

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