7 Coffees Roasted in Portland You Need to Try

Portland, Oregon is known for its coffee scene, and that’s one reason I love living here. It’s awesome to always have freshly-roasted coffee beans available from local roasters.

Whether you live here in Portland or want to experience the coffee scene from afar, these seven Portland-roasted coffees will give you a taste of the city’s offerings. All of these beans are perfect to treat yourself or as a holiday or birthday gift for someone else!

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These are my suggestions for beans to try at home from some of Portland’s most popular roasters. The options include coffee beans great for espresso, light and dark roasts, and even a decaf option.

And the best part is that all of these are available through Bean Box, so you can have your pick of beans shipped directly to you! You can pick to have the coffee beans delivered whole or ground, and some even have the option to be set for regular delivery.

Bonfire Blend by Dapper and Wise

Roast: Dark
Flavor Notes: Black cherry, smoky, merlot

This coffee blend is described as being “like a roaring bonfire under a starry night sky, this multi-dimensional dark roast strikes the perfect balance of smoky warmth and sweet clarity.”

Smoky coffee notes are becoming increasingly popular, and this blend makes me want to drink this on a chilly morning while camping. This coffee would pair well with s’mores or a chocolate donut.

Dapper and Wise is the roaster associated with Insomnia Coffee, whose coffee shops are some of my of favorites. Their original shop is located just a few blocks from where I grew up in Hillsboro, Oregon so they have a special place in my heart.

S.O. Blend by Coava Coffee

Roast: Medium
Flavor Notes: Chocolate, fruit, spice
Origins: East Africa, South America

These beans are perfect for any autumn or holiday celebration. This roast’s “creamy notes of chocolate layer cake and toffee are what make this roast SO good, with just a hint of bright fruit in the first sip and a pleasantly spicy finish.”

With the chocolate notes in this blend, it’s perfect for making a mocha or you could pair it with a chocolate eclair. The fruity notes even mean it will pair well with your morning apple fritter or with your Thanksgiving apple pie. It’s a versatile but flavorful blend.

Coava Coffee has quickly become one of Portland’s most famous coffee roasters, and with good reason. They have great offerings both in their local shops and for shipping right to your home!

Boxcar Blend by Water Avenue Coffee

Roast: Dark
Flavor Notes: Cinnamon, nuts, walnut
Origins: Central and South America

If you like adding a bit of cinnamon to your morning cup, this blend is for you. It’s described as having, “notes of toasty dark chocolate, with a scone-like combination of buttery walnuts and earthy, cinnamon spice.”

Fill your cup each morning with this coffee as you eat a cinnamon roll or croissant. Add in a bit of cream and sugar and your morning will be perfect!

Water Avenue Coffee Company is another of Portland’s premier roasters. They roast fresh coffee right next to the Willamette River on Portland’s central east side. Each roast from them is a treat that you have to try!

Neptune Blend by Roseline Coffee

Roast: Dark and roasty
Flavor Notes: Caramel, chocolate, spice
Origins: Ethiopian

If you like a deep, bold flavor in your coffee, this blend is for you. They say of these beans that this “may be the richest, smoothest dark roast coffee we’ve ever had, delivering a creamy complexity within a robust, roasty note.”

Neptune Blend will help add a pep to your step no matter when you drink it. It’s great to use for espresso and turn into a latte by adding milk, or just on it’s own-dripped brewed with a bit of cream and sugar.

Roseline Coffee roasts and has a café in Portland. They focus on small-batch, single-origin coffees.

Stag Espresso Blend by Dapper and Wise

Roast: Medium
Flavor notes: Black cherry, chocolate, citrus

Stag Espresso Blend coffee beans are also a great option for espresso or drip-brewed coffee. This blend has reminders of “rich chocolate and citrus finishes with syrupy notes of red wine and cherry.”

Use this coffee in your espresso machine, moka pot, or drip brewer. It’s great for a latte or as a cup of black coffee with your morning muffin.

This is another option from the roaster Dapper and Wise.

Ethiopia Meaza by Coava Coffee

Roast: Light
Flavor notes: Caramel, Honeydew, Hibiscus
Origin: Ethiopia

This Ethiopian coffee offers brighter and fruitier flavors than the others listed. It has “delicate notes of hibiscus tea, slowly leading toward juicy honeydew.”

These coffee beans are a great option for those who like a lighter and crispier taste to their coffee. It will work well as an afternoon coffee with a lemon bar or as a stand-alone cup with complex flavors and notes.

This is another option from the popular Coava Coffee.

Decaf El Toro by Water Avenue Coffee

Roast: Medium
Flavor notes: Chocolate, toffee, vanilla
Origin: Central and South America

Decaf is a great option to have on hand if you want to drink coffee later in the day or to serve to guests who don’t do caffeine. It’s “a versatile, balanced blend, this medium roast suits both drip, and espresso, with a toffee-like body and just a hint of brightness.”

This decaf bean will work well as espresso, brewed in a French press, or drip-brewed. Drink it in the evening with dessert, or in the morning for a sans-caffeine beverage. Pair it with your morning pastry and you are good to go.

This is another option from roaster Water Avenue Coffee.

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